Ashley Coventry


When Ashley is not taking photos, engaging in lively conversation or listening to Jazz and Reggae, he loves sharing the benefits of yoga as a route to health and wellness with everyone he meets. For the past 10 years, Yoga has been Ashley’s muse and a constant nurturing and healing companion.  Uplifting, supporting and guiding him through many of life’s personal tribulations.

Always the student first, a former High school Art teacher, Ashley began his journey with practices, studies and workshops with a focus on Modo, JOGA and Iyengar yoga teacher trainings. Through his non-judgmental, heart centered teaching approach, Ashley continuously invites physical and intellectual discourse, while enthusiastically infusing his insightful messages with a positivity and humour throughout his classes.

For him the most satisfying journey of the yoga practice/teaching are grounded in the breath and the intention.  Ashley strives to create inviting open spaces, where the spark of the intention, potentially ignites a physical awareness and a spiritual enlightenment.  Enjoyably, Ashley encourages the growth of the physical and spiritual self, while often citing our interconnectedness to each other, our world and the Universe at large.

He loves to weave thought provoking reflection and meditation throughout the class, applying ancient wisdom, with a lightness and a sense of humor that is reflective of our contemporary Western World in both a practical and understandable manner.  “If it’s not fun, It’s not Yoga.”