Edith Parinas


Like many people, my entry to yoga was initially a physical practice but soon i realized that what I was learning through my yoga practice was slowly trickling off my mat and into my world.

Practicing yoga has a way of bringing things out and before i knew it,  I started seeing a shift in my relationships.   I felt as though things both good and bad were coming up for me and that I wanted and needed to deal these things.  Yoga has seen me through some hard times in my life including childbirth but I honestly believe that studying and teaching yoga is only a fraction of the practice.   Living my yoga helps me build a true and mindful relationship with myself and with those that surround me.

I love teaching yoga and I think I will do it for the rest of my life.  I am a lifelong learner and teacher of life.   I believe that i can learn from everyone and i hope that i can be a teacher to not only the yoga students in class but also  my husband, my daughter, my friends and my coworkers.  Favorite quote:  “The 3C’s in life:  Choice, Chance, Change. You must make the choice to take the chance if you want anything in life to change. “