Renée Banville

Studio Director / Teacher

Renee’s life journey and experiences are colorful and varied and her sense of curiosity and love of life has led her down many roads. In Yoga she found the balance, peace and serenity which has enabled her to slow down the pace of a previously crazy and hectic life as a sales person and, re-focus her energies on what is truly important to her which is Connecting.  She is passionate about connecting with her students, her community, her friends, her family and especially with herself.  She’s learned that if she can be there for herself then, she is in a better state to help others cultivate awareness and perhaps insight and reflection.  Renée loves witnessing the physical, emotional and mental changes in the students which often occur over a short period of time of practicing yoga.  She strongly believes there is a ripple effect that comes from both the practice and philosophy of yoga which spreads inconspicuously into our lives and to those around us.  Practicing yoga has helped her acquire tools which she previously did not believe were accessible to her.  Tools such as breathing and grounding down before a presentation; breathing and calming down the nervous system when in a stressful situation; breathing instead of reacting in an undesirable situation and most importantly, breathing deep into what she is feeling and sitting with it while it passes… be it anger, hurt, frustration etc.. “For me, practicing is like brushing my teeth…i can’t miss a day.   It helps me feel more open, grounded, fluid and centered.  When I walk into the hot room I feel the heat wrap around me like the warm hug I need and it instantly brings me enormous comfort.”
Renée loves to learn and continues her teaching education every day.  She also loves the crispy winter air, balmy summer weather and everything in between.  She loves travelling, gardening,  skiing and her outdoor showers from April to November (yup!).  Most of all, Renee loves spending quality time with her family.