Lisa Miller


Lisa reluctantly attended her first hot yoga class in 2006 and her hesitation was immediately replaced with amazement.  Amazed at how great she felt after sweating more than she could ever have imagined. That class was her first step on her never ending yoga journey.

Lisa completed her Yin & Modo training in 2010 and it changed her life in every conceivable way.  She went from sitting behind a desk in an office to standing in a hot room filled with yogis of every variety, and she loves it!

Recently Lisa completed certifications in Modo Flow and Joga, a hybrid of breathing and relaxation along with traditional yoga sequencing combined with the movement and cadence of sport.  Lisa’s classes focus on the physical details of the postures and the steadying of the breath while giving her students the opportunity to bring whatever spiritual practice they want and need on any particular day.

In the last two years Lisa has had the pleasure of working with high level athletes and looks forward to expanding her focus to involve athletes of all levels of ability. The way the body works, its interconnectedness and how we can change it thrills her.  “My current fascination is fascia, I geek out on this stuff!”

Along with teaching yoga, Lisa is also a Holistic Health Coach and runs small group challenges throughout the year to help people on their journey to become happier and healthier versions of themselves. “Isn’t that what we’re all trying to achieve?”