Lea Sutherland


Lea completed her Modo teacher training course after several years of teaching yoga in the Ottawa area.  She was drawn by Modo’s strong sense of community and commitment to the environment.  In her teaching style, Lea loves facilitating the transition from being in our heads to connecting with feeling ourselves in our bodies. Her favorite thing is seeing a student come in, hurried and frenetic, and then the juxtaposition when they leave calm, collected and grounded. Recently Lea became an RMT.  She loves doing hands on adjustments – especially the ones that help students to relax and sink even more into their yoga experience. Her past jobs have varied from Pastry Chef to school teacher and many things in between, but teaching yoga is the one career where she always feels more energized as she leaves work. There is a magic energy transfer that happens in the studio and she feels really blessed to both participate and share her love of yoga – “I want to share yoga and the benefits of yoga with everyone!”.

When she’s not working, you can find her hiking in the woods with her chocolate lab Misu.  She loves the outdoors and soaking up all of nature’s beauty.  Lea feels grateful to be part of the Modo community and that yoga came into her life and dramatically changed it for the better.